Our Services
 1. Hiring of new and experienced maids.
 2. Documentation for direct hiring of maids.
 3. Maid insurance.
 4. Cancellation of work permit.
 5. Booking of air tickets.
 6. Repatriation of maids.
 7. Medical examination.
 8. Documentations at the Embassy. (Home leave, renewal of passport and work permit)
 9. Maid counseling.
10. Board and lodging services.
Why Choose SUPER?
  • We are licensed under the Ministry of Manpower (License No: 16C7846).
  • We are accredited with Association of Employment Agencies Singapore (Cert No. 111).
  • We are one of the largest recruiter of foreign domestic workers in Singapore.
  • We specialize in the sourcing and placement of experienced maids to both local and expatriate families.
  • We charge a reasonable agency fee with no hidden costs.
  • We have a team of experienced and committed staff to handle all your employment needs.
  • For counseling purposes, our sales team is able to speak the local dialects of the foreign maids.
  • We focused on providing value added services to all our clients.
  • Our office is centrally located along Orchard road with ample parking.